Jodie Emery Cannabis Culture
Melinda Tobias The Cannabliss Group
Tracy Ryan CannaKids
Adolfo Gonzalez CannaReps
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Industry Leading Panelists

This year’s event will be Vancouver’s largest gathering of cannabis business and consumers, with industry leading panelists and ground-breaking presenters from around the world.

Let's Talk Cannabis

Panel Topics

There has never been a more exciting time to talk Cannabis, and this year's Cannabis Life Conference will bring an amplified experience to attendees.

  • Am I Illegal? Navigating your way through policy and legalization
  • THC & CBD Best applications and practices
  • Lets Talk Sex Fcking with cannabis
  • Exercise & Recovery Understanding your body and its relation to cannabis
  • Applications in Cancer Treatment
  • Lifestyle and Creativity Mindful cannabis - destigmatization and designing a new culture
  • The Cash Crop? How to raise capital in the new cannabis world
  • Pets & Cannabis Paws-itive alternatives for your furry companions
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